The Hum of Angels Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us By: Scot McKnight I love the cover of the bird and the colors look amazing on the cover. When I saw this book I had to have it to read, but God lead me to read first “The Seven Mile Miracle” (which I must say was great). I felt so blessed that “The Hum of Angels” was still available to read to review. Wow thank you Lord, Glory be to God!! I love reading about angels and figuring out if I might have a guardian angel to protect me and just who it might be. Have you ever thought about if you have an angel? I was sitting outside I do that on days that isn’t too hot, in FL. the weather here gets so hot you can’t sit outside long. I was reading this book and I was at the part where they were talking about the birds singing that lot of people don’t see, in that moment I heard a bird singing a beautiful song and could not see him it brought peace to me as they usually do when they sing their beautiful tunes and relaxes me as I sit and close my eye to listen I could listen to their music and chattering all day. Then out of nowhere this pretty bird was on my tree branch and then just as quickly as it came it was gone. The birds Scot is talking about are different little bird. The story on the hum of birds was amazing. I think I’ll pray God will let me hear and see these tiny little humming angels. In this book as Scot says “even among religious people there can be something of an embarrassment surrounding the subject of angels. Now wouldn’t you think if they were in the word (bible) they would have read about angels?? If someone would ask me if I believed in God my answer would be yes without hesitation, next if they’d ask if I believed in angels my answer again would be yes. Have these people really been that dumb what about Michael he was God’s Archangel. I’d call him the warrior of angels. One of the world’s great experts on angels in history, Valery Rees, you’ll have to read about her. As you read Mr. McKnight’s book he will tell you about professors of history, the greatest Theologians, and most importantly what the bible say about angels. There are so many stories in this book and how Scot tells about angels with bible backing how can you not believe in angels? I feel you really won’t be disappointed if you bought this book if you love angels. I recommend this book highly it is a page turner for sure. Grab it and hear the angels hum. I received this book free from blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. ENJOY HEARING THE HUM OF ANGELS!! 5 Stars ISBN 978-1-60142-631-4 I put the ISBN for you to be able to find the book faster at the book stores.

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