The Dawn of Christianity How God Used Simple Fisherman, Soldiers And Prostitutes to TRANSFORM THE WORLD By: Robert J. Hutchinson I love the cover to this beautifully written book. I saw this book for review and knew I had to read it because I always wondered why His own people would want Him put to death by such a horrible way, they saw Him do miracles. Someone once asked our Bible group think about if you wish you’d lived in the day Jesus was alive or glad you lived now. A hard question I found to answer why you ask, well for one I would have loved to live in His time. I would have love to hear His soft voice, be able to see His beautiful face and the miracles He performed, yet I am very blessed to live today because I read His life story and cry when I read about His crucifixion because honestly I don’t know if I’d be one of those who turned against Him. When I saw this book for review I knew I had to read it and see if Mr. Hutchinson went into more detail of Jesus used Fisherman, Prostitutes, and Soldiers for His glory. I liked the way he wrote about them. If you want to search for Jesus the gospels and History is the place to start. This book is great if you want to get closer to your Lord and understand His life. Me I wanted to know my Savior deeper and more intimately. I love books that go deeper into history of my beloved Lords life. Mr. Hutchinson moved to Israel to learn Hebrew the language of our Savior Mr. Hutchinson says that some scholars thought Jesus more dangerous than a deluded millenarian prophet. Does that mean they were more scared of Jesus than anyone else? Have you ever wondered why people do more research on the most hated man? Why are they so fascinated with a man they either think never existed or they hated Him so much they feel Christians are crazy for praying and reading the Bible that they think was written by man? They keep seeking more about Him why? I recommend this book highly. I pray for those whom seek Jesus that they’d get this book and read it. I received this beautifully written book from booklookbloggers free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-7180-7942-0

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