365 Devotions for Finding Rest By: Christina Vinson The cover with the nice welcoming swing and pillow says “come and sit and rest and find peace”. As you sit down close your eyes and find rest imagine a nice soothing breeze and the warm sun falling on your face as you swing slowly to the rhythm God sets for you, just rest for a few minutes. Now that you’re at peace and feel relaxed it’s time to open the book and meditate on the words inside. As you do you may start to feel rest come upon you that you’ve longed for. Now it time to read how you can find that rest no matter what you’re going through. First there’s a scripture for you to meditate on then there’s a story and at the end there’s a prayer for you, always nice to have prayers. For example on page 12 title “Rest in True Friends” this story tells of different friends if you have to impress someone is that person truly your friend? What are true friends and how are they with you what do they ask of you? Then on page 10 titled “ Rest in God’s Love” this story reminded me to have more intimacy with Him and to sit in His presence, study His Word more, and communicate with Him, He loves when you talk to Him. There are all kinds of devotions for you to find rest the way God wants you to truly find rest. There are stories on Financial Worries, Rest in the Mist of Despair, Rest in Winter, Creatures of Discontent, and The Gift of Rest are a few of the devotions in this beautiful book. It shows us God is there always in our good times and in our storms, but for some reason most people don’t need Him if they are in there good times. I find I need him all the time. I highly recommend this book. I feel you will soon find the way to rest the way God meant for you to. I love this book I will take it in my car you know just in case there is a long light and I would take it to sit outside especially if I didn’t get rest the night before. I pray this book will bless you. 5 Stars ISBN: 978-0-310-08353-5

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