Devotions for Christmas A Celebration To Bring You Joy and Peace By: Zondervan I love the hard cover with the dark blue color they used for the cover and different sizes and colors of snowflakes stand out, it brings peace. The beautiful snowflakes falling makes me miss the North and the fun the kids and I use to have in the snow at Christmas time. What a neat little devotional for Christmas from Dec 1st. to Dec 25. This cute little devotional has a lot of meaning for thinking about Christmas differently then I use to. Like the gifts always seemed so important but it shouldn’t be the meaning of Christmas should make you first think of The Lord, that tiny little bundle that would one day set us free. He would give us the most precious gift of all “His Life” because He loved us that much. The devotion I read first was December 3rd “Heavenly Peace” this story told me something I never knew, it was an amazing story! Maybe it will surprise you too. This special devotional book will make you realize all the that Jesus went through even on that cold wintery night with no room at the warm inn for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus to keep them from the very cold they endured, He was born in a stable Jesus even showed being humble at His birth. He could have been born in a fancy, wealthy home with warmth all around Him instead He chose to be born in a stable how humbling is that?? Now doesn’t that make you rethink Christmas meaning it did me!!!!!!! This beautiful book has a unique way of bringing the meaning of Christmas straight to your heart. The pictures are exquisite. Stop before you go on to read and just focus on the photographs just linger and drink in the beauty. Christmas for me was special when I had the kids around they sang as they helped decorate the tree we would stop to listen to the Carolers that were going around from house to house singing beautiful Christmas songs. I so miss the Carolers singing and wished Carolers would still go around singing those beautiful songs. People now an days are missing so much at Christmas that us old timers love and miss. Put Jesus front and center from now on. A must have. I received this beautiful devotional free from Booklookbloggers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-310-35608-0

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