True Faith and Allegiance A Story of Service And Sacrifice In War and Peace By: Alberto R. Gonzales The cover is really nice I like President Bush. Looks like serious stuff that President Bush and Mr. Gonzales are talking about. This book starts off with 9/11 the saddest days in American History! One day we will never forget because so many lives were lost needlessly, so many families lost loved ones, friends and co workers. The plane 93 that took over the terrorist that would have killed a lot more, instead they saved so many lives on American soil but by their bravery it cost them dearly, their own lives, how can they not be called heroes?????? Could you have done that? Me I’d say I’d have to wait until the time came why because you can talk a brave talk but can you walk the brave walk when it is time?? The Pentagon now on fire by fight 77 again more lives lost, sad right, yet how many of you were mad when President Bush took action and I am sure he prayed first action second. Think of this way look how safe he made your country until Obama he’s afraid (or he is one) ISIS he puts a line in the sand and keeps backing it up have you ever asked yourself why?? ISIS not only got worse and is still getting bad now all over the world including in America think about it—why in America because they know Obama won’t do anything about it!!! Call Terrorist- terrorist stop pussy footing around about the subject. Put on your thinking caps people!!!!!!! I read some peoples reviews and they said President Bush kept using excuses Well ladies and Gentleman put President Bush’s shoes on and see how you’d react on in a split second something that important that need dealt with yesterday not a month from now what call would you have made to keep American people safe or could you think that fast to do anything at all? I don’t agree with everything President Bush does like now not supporting his own Republican Party shame on him!!! I loved this book I don’t think they are making excuses I think they had split seconds to do something about a very deadly situation. I recommend this book highly. I received this book free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-07180-7887-4

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