While My Child Is Away My Prayers for When We Are Apart By: Edie Melson I love the mint green color of the cover that brings relaxation before you open the book up to start reading it and praying. I look to see if the cover tells me a story of its own, yes it does it tells me of peace. What does it tell you? As parents we want all our children safe from harm, the drugs, bullies that have been coming after our children hard, ISIS killing innocent people with no care for other people’s lives. The world is getting worse and we see it with our own eyes. We want our children to walk in the path of righteousness but how can they stay on that path with so much cruel things going on in our world? Our prayers do matter and our God hears them just because he doesn’t answer the way we want him to, doesn’t mean he has left us to fight our battles alone. We have to keep praying for our children no matter what or where they are or what they are doing. Prayers are a mother’s life line to our children even when they don’t want you around because they feel they are all grown up and can handle things all by themselves. We are the anchor that we hope keeps them close to God and safe. One prayer that caught my eye was “Forgive Me for My Parental Mistakes” that hit home for me because it said the words I have been looking for to tell my children. There are all kinds of Prayers, parenting thoughts, foundation of faith. This book is only 219 pages long with all kinds of information to help you pray for your child and prayers for yourself. A core of strength: one of my favorite is “Remind me to fight on bended knees”. I’ve learned first to thank God for His love, then praise Him. God is worthy of praise all the time. I received this book free from Worthy Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I expressed our entirely my own and no one else’s. I recommend this book highly. Thank you Worthy for a beautiful book. 5 Stars ISBN 9781617957314

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