NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible The Bible Brings to Life Ancient World of Scripture. By: Craig S. Keener and John H. Walton The cove is beautiful. I love to look at the covers of the books and imagine what the writer was thinking and how they come to want a certain cover for their books. Psalm 23 is by far my favorite scripture in the Bible so I always turn to that part of the Bible first. The book of Psalm is praise to God. What is your favorite book or scripture in the bible? This Bible took verse by verse and laid it out so you could understand it clearly. This brought a whole new meaning of Psalm 23 for me. WOW!!! I fell in love with the way this bible helped me understand the scriptures more clearly than ever. This bible brings life to the scriptures like never before and helps you get closer to the words that are written, you can then see the way life was back in those days and what they meant by how they spoke. I grew up on the KJ bible it was so hard from me to understand as a kid and the words were way beyond my understanding. I feel that is why a lot of kids just stopped reading the Bible or read it and still tried to understand what the heck they just read and what did it mean. Made me feel dumb as a box of rocks, I still have trouble with some of the words and names wow they are hard names or is it just me? The Cultural Backgrounds bible helps by explaining the scriptures and makes it more alive for me then the KJ. At beginning of the bible there is Table of content you’ll find maps of places, travels, Journeys, Fall of Jericho. There us information on Hebrew to English chart. You’ll be happy with this Bible by Zendervan. Beautifully written, lots of information, pictures and below every page the information clearly tells what the verses mean. I recommend this BIBLE highly. I received this Bible from booklookbloggers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-310-43158-9

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