RESET Jesus Changes Everything BY: Nick Hall I loved this cover for some reason it just grabbed my attention. It’s not a fancy cover like some of the books have but still attention grabber. Nick tells when a young girl came to one of his events for getting the word out about Jesus. Her name was Michelle, a young girl that looked healthy and she didn’t look like a girl struggling in life matter-in-fact she looked like a girl that played forward on her soccer team. As you read her story you will realize that just because you look healthy without a care in the world doesn’t mean that there isn’t a hurt person inside that body that needs help and understanding trying to find a way to a life that is different then what she/he is going through. How many times have you thought a person looked like they had everything going for them and you envied them and that they couldn’t possibly know what you are going through. Only to find out later that they may have cancer or was thinking about killing themselves? Sad isn’t it that we sometimes don’t know the depth of someone’s broken heart? I am guilty also of that and sadden and ashamed of myself when I find out their story. You’ll be sad after you read Michelle’s story. It just shows you how Jesus works in our lives and that reset is really something we all need. It’s a journey with you and Jesus at your side to help reset your faith, your outlook on your life, and so much more. You have to spend every day with Jesus in prayer, in his word every day it’s not a onetime visit with Jesus. Just talk to Jesus he loves it when you take time to talk to him and tell him your problems; ask Jesus to help you, to talk to you, to give you understanding, and to give you direction. Then listen for his soft voice or as I call it my gut feelings. He is a gentle loving Jesus. REMEMBER: It is Jesus who brings life and light It is Jesus who ushers in hope It is Jesus who defeated death and despair It is Jesus who wins in the end. If you go to a church that judges you that is not where you want to be find a church that will open up their arms and welcome you no matter what you wear, your back ground. They are not to judge you. If you have (knives, game control, pron, needles or razor blades or write down on a piece of paper) drop it in the garbage and get reset. You can be healed and happy. I didn’t say it would be easy but Jesus is always there you’re never alone on your travels. These people are screaming “Save me from myself”. I can’t do it alone. I received this book free from blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-1-60142-908-7

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