Words To Live By One Word A Week 52 Ordinary Words That Lead To an Extraordinary Life By: Linda J Gilden & Dalene V. Parker The cover is kind of plain but the words caught my eyes and I knew I wanted to read this book to help me lead a better life for God not for man. These words will be an integral part of your Faith and Strength. I don’t know about you but I need to have strength every day, and I pray to God to give me the strength I need to live the Faith I want to have for God. We can’t depend on our leaders as we use to be able to. As you have seen the mess we’ve been in for the past 8 years and it is only growing worse by the day with these kinds of politician in office. They are crooked and even the FBI is proven that Clintons have one set of laws while use common people have another set of laws to live by. We need to pray and have faith that God will once again bless America and make us a great nation and put in the right President in 2017. We need God back in our country, in our schools, so this book was very important for me to read and to know how positive, powerful words for my mind, my faith to keep me uplifted and inspired to be stronger. I need strength from God to get me through this terrible mess that is taking over our country. As I read through this beautiful book I found that with extra ordinary thinking, listening and speaking God’s truth to his people that are hungry for something and searching for the truth they will no longer fall for Satan’s lies. I loved to read the “Roadside Help” about a Good Samaritan and using the gift God gave him. There’s a question: Do we have a gift we could use over and over again to help others?” Words are powerful— they can either destroy a person or build them up. Here are a few words from the 52 word list: Listen, Believe, Learn, and Persevere. Then she gives a description of the word for you. Then stories to help you think of others and how you can put into action for yourself. These are words to change your life and make you stronger in faith. I recommend this book for those who truly want to be stronger in their faith, have a positive mind set, if you know words of God you are prepared for any condition that comes along. I will keep this book handy and go back to often and refresh my mind, soul and spirit. I received this beautiful book free from Worthy Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. Thanks Worthy for a great book. 5 Stars ISBN: 978161795722

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