Go Big Or Go Home The Journey Toward The Dream By Scotty McCreery The cover of the books are the first thing I ever look at sometimes I just pick the book by its cover that started as a joke between me and a good friend and I have found a lot of great reads that way. I love this cover as Scotty’s eyes seem to talk to you about the confidence he has and something even deeper, which you have to find out by reading his story and what gives him the confidence he has. I’ll be very honest with you I do not watch American Idol I only watched it a few times like 3 maybe because I felt if you were a Christian that was strike no. one against you, my opinion. But Scotty’s idol was Elvis and Elvis was mine so I had to get this book to read, he’s not bad if Elvis is his idol! To find out Scotty sings country I love country. I love most music but heavy medal or rap that is not music to me!! To top the charts for me is Z88.3 I love Christian music first, oldies and country. Scotty is humble you’ll find that out as you read through his book. His faith did waver at all and God seems to come first which puts him right at the top along with Tim Tebow. I love the fact he stands by his faith, his principles and his family roots. For such a young man to stand up to station managers or even stars that are popular and sing different kinds of songs when they felt he made a mistake Scotty kept hearing God’s voice and followed and obey the voice that was more important to him the any famous person, hey for Scotty I say!! Go man, Go!! I also loved the fact that he came out and apologized for not standing up for a young boy for being dropped from the group. That showed where his heart truly was, because God wants Christian to stand up for what is right. I also like the fact that Scotty didn’t feel comfortable singing a song that was totally against all he believed in again I praise Scotty for standing up for what his faith is all about. I recommend this book if you want to read a good humble Christian young man’s story. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-310-34522-0

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