Sins Of The Past A Romantic Suspense Novella Collection Missing By: Dee Henderson John Graham is police chief for Cheyenne, Wyoming. He once did undercover work. So he knows to remain calm in a crisis- except this time it’s his family. Will he be able to remain calm or will he forget how to remain calm and go off half cocked? So as you travel with Chief Graham to Chicago as he will now be on a case of a family member. He flies to Chicago and there waiting at the airport is a Chicago cop. John will be paired with a Lieutenant to find out just what took place. The Chicago cop called the case missing persons but they are fighting against time. As the investigation goes on John find this Lieutenant from Riverside P.D is very smart and great to work with. As time is running out will they find her in time to see the Holiday Season that she loves so much? With all the twist and turns and the mystery just gets more mysterious with each turn of the pages you won’t want to put this books down. Shadowed By: Dani Pettrey AS I read this book I am trying to figure out if this is part of the Alaskan Courage Series., ( that series is great by the way). As you travel to Alaska with Libby a lady that is there for open water swimming completion the water is 42 degrees, as chills runs up my spine just reading about the ice cold water Libby is practicing in and the so later all the ladies will be competing and the danger in those waters. Libby is waiting on the prier as the rain is pouring and she sees no one else there for the Humpback whale tour. Then here comes Ben McKenna the tour guide and still no one else is there still Libby is determined to go on that tour regardless of no one else being there and the pouring rain after all she swims in that cold water what’s a little rain? As you travel with Ben and Libby the tension starts to mount very quickly and their live are in danger no matter where they seem to go. As they travel and the chase gets hotter and more mysterious. As you travel with Ben and Libby you’ll meet a lot of interesting people and not so nice people. The twist and turns will have you turning the pages and not wanting to put the book down. Blackout By: Lynette Eason Now you’ll be traveling with a lady that can’t remember 6 years ago. She was implicated in a robbery gone wrong but she still finds herself in danger years later. Her memory of that night starts to come back slowly the bad part is her memory of that night isn’t reliable. Things start to happen to her and the migraines get a lot worse. Chad her neighbor wants to help her only she doesn’t trust and one. Will she find safety or will they find her first? As she starts to remember more things get more dangerous and things are heating up pretty fast. Her friend Chad maybe her only help to stay safe will she let him get close enough to help her? I loved this book and all three stories are great. I recommend this book highly. I read it in one day. I received this book free from BethanyHouse for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions are entirely mine and no one else’s Happy Adventure!!!!!!!! 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-7642-1797-5

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