Chronological Study Bible Exploring God’s Word In Historical Order I love the cover of soft brown and blue that seems to give peace before starting to read the word of God. At the beginning of the Bible there’s table of contents then there’s Time Charts, Time Panels and there’s In-Text Maps. The Introduction page in the front has all kinds of information on this Bible to learn the way it was written and why. On page 42 it’s about Jacob in Egypt (early Exodus) a great read. There are all kinds of pictures throughout this beautiful Bible. The prayers (page 488) are so beautiful to read and reread as you need them. You’ll be so bless by reading and meditating on those prayers. The Last Supper- Look close at the picture it’s so beautiful of Jesus and His disciples (pg 1218) I love this picture although it also makes me very sad because I know what is going to happen to my precious Jesus, the pain and suffering he went through to save the world, His cost was a brutal death so very brutal. I think if we would keep the picture of His brutal beatings the crown of thrones in our minds the price He paid and what and why Jesus died such a brutal death for us maybe we could turn our hearts over to Him sooner. Jesus did tell His Disciples “I have to go in order for the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in you” This Bible is really a unique Bible of the History. So if you love History this Bible for you. I recommend this Bible highly even if you don’t love history it is beautifully written. Since my handsome grandson is graduating and he loves history. My prayer is he will read this Bible and come close to God and he will give his life and heart over to our King of Kings. I will also have my Pastor pray over the Bible. Also my prayer over his Bible is that the words will come alive for my grandson and bring him close to our Lord. Enjoy Reading This Bible!!!! I pray it will bring you even closer to Our Lord. I received this beautiful Bible free from Booklookbloggers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars It deserves more stars. ISBN 978-0-7180-7689-4

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