Becoming A Prayer Warrior By Elizabeth Alves I love the cove of this beautiful book the Shield of Faith. I love books that tell you prayers you can pray to God and be strong and to it with faith. Beth shows how to have the most effective prayers by partnering with God. Beth also tells you to journal what you hear from God for he could be warning you of danger as people may deceive you and come to harm you in ways that God wants you to know a head of time God is trying to protect you; it’s up to you to be still and listen to God’s soft voice. Since I love to journal and do a lousy job of it I was so happy to see that she put how to journal in her book how you may journal why you journal and the journal is for you no one else not even God. God may tell you not to say anything which means I should watch my tongue. Also if God tells you something and it’s not clear wait because as the Lord speaks to you it may come days, months or even years later, so you can’t depend on your memory I know I sure can’t. Make sure you journal often but you don’t have to journal every day that’s good to know cause I don’t. Elizabeth will explain the dark side being a prayer Warrior will strengthen you against the power of the evil one because he is NOT stronger then Jesus. Remember the evil one will come after you even harder, stronger, then ever before. He will lie, steal and kill to get you to weaken because he knows our weak spots and he know that if he hits you there you may just leave God. The devil is testing you let him with each trial we go through the stronger we get!!! God is there call on him, pray constantly stay in prayer, wear the armor of God speak with the authority that God gave you and speak Jesus name because the evil ones will run and tremble at the sound of Jesus name being spoken out loud with authority. Pray with authority, pray powerful words and use Jesus name to have the devil run!!! I recommend this book highly. I love this book. There’s nothing like learning how to speak and pray with powerful words. I received this book free from Chosen for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions that I have expressed are entirely mine and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-8007-9797-3

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