99 Favorite Amish Home Remedies By: Georgia Varozza I so love this book cover. It is really a welcome cover of many fruits and veggies it just breaths of fresh clean food and a dark green with the name and the green and white looks like a table cloth. The first page I wanted to check out was personal care and then at house and yard then I went to the first page and started over. Wow these all sound great because Georgia has given you the mixture of all natural foods or things for healthier remedies for your body and your home and even some for your fur family which I am so very glad she put that in this book. I used the remedy for pain in your muscles and joint and was thrilled with it, I am now using the deodorant that she has in her book and love it better then the deodorant I have use for years. The tea remedy yummy I think you’ll like this better than all the synthetic med’s that DR’s seem to give prescriptions for that may do more harm than good plus this taste so much better. I have also use the remedy for bug bites that really stopped the sting faster than the over the counter I used for years I am thrilled with this remedy because it stopped it so fast I forgot I got bit. It’s hard to find black drawing salve anymore because it really was good, well ladies and gentlemen you can stop looking and make your own that is even better. Mosquito bites are the worst her in FL because it never gets cold enough to get rid of them yahoo here in this beautiful book is a remedy to stop the itching after those darn mosquito bites plus after applying it I found they don’t want to be in that area. I will be trying all of the remedies in this book because the ones I have tried works a lot better than the products I bought over the counter. I recommend this book highly. You won’t be sorry you bought this book and use the remedies. I can’t wait to get my dog’s flea remedy ready for my fur babies for them to be safe free fleas. I can’t say enough about this beautiful book I just love it, all of it I pray she brings out more remedies for us. Like maybe some sun tan lotion would be wonderful. I received this beautiful and very useful book free from Harvest House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. I’d give it a 10 if I could Have a great time using the remedies in this beautiful book!!!! 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-7369-6593-4

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