Man Myth Messiah The evidence behind God’s Not Dead 2 By Rice Broocks The cover is great I love the words they just jump out at you. I have the book God’s Not Dead and I even bought it for a friend for a Christmas gift. She loved it. I will give her this book to read too when she wants to. We know Jesus us Not a myth. I feel that people that don’t want to change their sinful ways don’t want to hear about God and believe in Him, that would mean a big change in their lives and they won’t do that until that are ready to change their life style. This book will help you change your life and faith that others can see in you. If there was not a Messiah how does the atheist claim the miracles that are even happening now? How do they explain the rise of ISIS that was stated in the Bible of the killings and cutting off Christians heads as the end times draws closer? If you still are skeptical about Jesus being the Messiah please get this book and read it but before you do start reading the book clear your mind and as you read this book and think about it after you are done just sit and ponder on the words in this book. I loved this book and since I am waiting for another book I will go back and read some more. I recommend this book highly then go get the movie and watch it. I received this beautiful book free from booklook blogger for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. HAPPY READING!!!!! 5 Stars ISBN978-0-84994856-5

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