Living a Mighty Faith A Simple Heart And A Powerful Faith By: Angus Buchan I love the color of the cover the mighty lion on the front shows me it’s power and beauty. The cover with the King of the jungle on front tells me that there are powerful words on the pages inside. It wasn’t the kind of book I was expecting. It’s a book that is a Devotional it has a story, scripture of the bible and at the end there’s a prayer. In the back of this beautiful book it has blank pages for you to write down your thoughts or prayers. As I walk with the Lord I find I fall a lot. I also find Christian people can tell other people you do wrong but can’t tell you to your face to help them realize what you are doing wrong or maybe the other person misunderstood what you are saying. The bible says to talk to that person first then if it doesn’t stop talk to the Pastor or group leader. Like fellowshipping with God. Abundance for every good work, this book has Godly standards for you to follow. No Looking Back Angus said as he was jogging he saw an antelope come diving across the road the antelope stopped looked back if the antelope never stopped the skilled hunter would have never been able to shoot and kill him. Which made Angus think as long as you keep looking back you can’t go forward. So I stopped and thought of myself as long as I keep looking back at the problem I have I can’t go forward because that past hurt is just that the past it will not let me go on and live as God wants me to live in faith. So I laid the problem at God’s feet and said that’s it, I am done. So as I read through this book I find the Devotions and prayers has helped me let go and move on in faith with God. I recommend this book highly. If you need to go forward and leave the past in the past you forgive that person and pray for them go on and let God handle the rest. Read this book it really is great. I love this book. I received this book free from book look bloggers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-7180-7629-0

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