Encountering Angel’s True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives Every Day By Judith Macnutt I loved the cover of this book it has an angel wings in bright gold color to me it looks like green, yellow, and orange color splashing from the wings which is very beautiful. There are nine chapters 215 pages all of different ways people of all ages encounter the beautiful spiritual angels from above. As you will read angels can come in the form of a human but leave quickly without a sound. They can come in any form that God wants to send them to help the people, children or teens here on earth. One thing I read in this book really surprised me because I never thought of it and maybe you didn’t either is that a baby in a woman womb has a guardian angel watching over them. Don’t we have the best father, he makes sure we are even protected before we are born how awesome is that? I felt so much joy as I was reading this part of the book because I now know how much our Heavenly Father truly loved us that he made sure we had the protection from our Heavenly Spiritual guardians. One of the stories was about a mother taking her child to a friend to watch and as the lady approached her friend’s home she saw a man standing watching all the children, so she told her friend about it and her friend called them into the house. Bet you thought I was going to tell you what happened nope you have to buy the book and find out yourself. I recommend this book highly. You will not be sorry if you buy this book I’ll guaranty it IF you love stories on Angels. I received this book free from Chosen. Thank you Chosen for a wonderful book and for letting me review it for your company. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN 978-0-8007-9780-5

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