HUNTERS IN THE DARK By: Lawrence Osborne This book very hard to get into if I am not into it by chapter 4 I am done with the book. I am one that needs to be grabbed by at least the 4 chapter I think that is long enough to be bored reading so I self it or get rid of it. I did however pick it back up when I ran out of my other review books to read, but still am struggling with reading it. So my review is based on how hard it was for me to really get interested in this book for me. I love books and I can read 2-4 a week so this one just didn’t grab me like most do sorry to say. As Robert Grieve does opium with a person he barely knows and yet feels he can trust him is beyond me, but guess that is just a story. I myself never have done any drugs except what the DR gives me and I hate them so I have a hard time understanding someone that does drugs and trust people he or she doesn’t even know. The man he did drugs with and talked to about getting a boat ride he didn’t even know. His trust sends him down river and he has no clue where he is or anything about the town or the person who is navigating the boat. He wanted to come up missing I guess this was a good way to do it because if people don’t know you they can’t very well tell anyone about you, but also you can’t get help if you need it. The man that Robert talk to that was navigating the boat didn’t understand him or at least he acted like he didn’t. Robert then couldn’t find his back pack, he was now dressed in someone else clothing and didn’t know how he got into them, he did how ever have money that no one seemed have stolen so that’s a good sign. So he is now in Cambodian jungle where things start to get Hitchcock with twist and turns. He meets a Doctor’s daughter, there is money he has no idea where it came from and a lot of drugs. If you’re wanting a book that you can get into at first chapter this is not the book. I did how ever love the cover. I received this book free from Blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and on one else’s. 3 Stars ISBN: 978-0-553-44734-7

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