The Word of Promise New Testament NKJV Audio Bible By: Thomas Nelson This Audio seems to take on life of its own as you listen to actors/actresses take on the lives of the people in the days of Jesus. What a wonderful way to hear and get to know the Bible like never before. The music is great addition. I had another audio bible but lent it out never to get it back sad. So I was so grateful when they brought this one out to review. As Jesus along with his Mother Mary, Moses, Luke, John, and God plus more people that take you through the New Testament. It’s a great way to drive and still hear the bible while I’m stuck in traffic or my miserable drive of over an hour to my DR’s here in FL. Traffic is terrible. The Audio Bible is great to listen to while you’re just sitting outside and wanting to get in the word without taking your bible but you can close your eyes and just see the people as the story is unfolding in front of you. There also is a calming effect on a person as they can relax and listen to the music the voices and know the people as if they are right there with them. I loved this Audio Bible and recommend it highly for the busy person or the ones on the go a lot or just the ones that love to relax and hear the voices to calm you. I don’t feel you will be sorry you purchased this Audio at all. So grab it listen to the bible come alive like never before right before you and enjoy your Lord like never before. Oh did I say it has a nice case for the CD to keep them safe. 5 Stars ISBN: 978-0-7180-8166-9

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