My Name Is Mahtob The Story That Began In The Global Phenomenon Not Without My Daughter Continues By: Mahtob Mahmoody I love to pick books by their cove something a friend and I started years ago as a joke. It remains with her and I because we found sometimes the cover tells a story all its own and usually the books are a great read. This cover shows a very young cute Mahtob Mahmoody instead of the beautiful woman that she is. Years ago a book was written by her Mother Betty Mahmoody called “Not Without My Daughter”. Then came the movie Betty Mahmoody was played by Sally Fields; one of my favorite actress ( I love anything she plays in). I read the book and lost the book in my move  I also watched the movie which held me on my seat until the movie was over. It had to be so horrifying going through everything her husband put Mrs. Mahmoody and her daughter through all those months. What they went through was horrible no one should have to go through this. Dr Mahmoody of course denied anything that the movie portrayed him as being a mean monster that he was he’d say how good they had it in Iran. I ask you would a child be that terrified of her father if it weren’t true and why would Mahlob feel terrified of him coming to America to kidnap her if she wasn’t so terrified of him and what he had done to her and her Mother. As a DR in the USA he was respected but he changed as they all do when they go back to their roots and give commitment to their Muslim culture. His threat to kill her mother had to be devastating. Mahlob was a brave little girl and became a brave young woman that lived in fear every day of her father. Mahlob did as the bible would have us do chose not to trust her father but she forgave her father but never forgot what he put them through she also remember the good times she use to have with her father while they lived in America. I often wondered what ever happened to Betty and her daughter throughout the years every time I saw what the Muslims and ISIS was doing to other countries besides our own beautiful USA and coming into our country and killing people without the President even calling it terrorism. So I was really excited when this book became available for me to review I wanted to find out the rest of the story and hear the way the daughters felt about the whole episode of the life she had to lead in Iran and leaving her beloved grandparents behind in America. My mind always went back to what happened to Mahlob and Mrs. Mahmoody now I found my answer after all this time. I know this happens to American women when they marry Muslim guys and trust them to go visit their home land and they may never return to USA soil again. My friend (I won’t give her name in case she is still in hiding) lived the life that Mrs. Mahmoody lived with her kids in Iran until her father and his Navy Seal friends helped get her and her kids back to USA. The stories she’d tell was horrifying I couldn’t imagine living that way ever. This book is a must have if you read Not Without My Daughter you need to find out from a child’s point of view how horrible it really is there under the thumbs of a heartless father or husband. I received this book free from Book look for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s. ENJOY THE REST OF THE SOTRY 5 Stars ISBN: 978-0-7180-2210-5

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