THIS IS CAMINO By: Russell Moore, Allison Hopelain With Chris Colin I love cover it tells a story to me of a fine restaurant with wonderful food to try. This restaurant is in California where I have never been. So I’ve never heard of this restaurant – I am what you call a country bumcun. But it would be nice to try it and see just what the food is like and see the restaurant it’s self. Smokey Egg Plant caught my eyes as I love egg plant fixed different ways. I love all kinds of salads and they have wonderful verity in this cook book. So you can try one each day if you love salads that much or one a week whatever your heart’s desire is, yummy salads. There are so many good recipes to try out in this beautiful book. From reading the introduction page my first question would be why would they want to eat at home when they have such a lovely restaurant to sit in and enjoy plus all that different food that you’d be licking your lips to try. They could relax have someone fix their meal and just enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful scenery then go home and not have to clean dishes or cook. I looked at the recipes and they look so good— but I think what amazed me more is the owner worked very hard to get to this place in his life plus he left a good job with perks because he had a dream—to me he’s saying if you have a dream follow it. I loved a couple of the salads and will try others as I go along and I really like the cook book and recipes but the story behind the making of the restaurant made this cook book even better, and enjoyable. HAPPY COOKING I received this beautiful cook book free from Blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just and honest one. The opinions I expressed were entirely my own and no one else’s. 5 Stars ISBN: 978-60774-725-8-4

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