Defying Normal


Souring Above The Status Quo


Skip Heilzig

with Jeff Kinley

Skip wrote this book to help you provide practical, biblical advice for you to have a life of faith and transform you for today in our uncertain and really hard to understand time. As we try to comprehend why all the killing we will have faith and go above to get us through with great faith.

Skip talks about being afraid at night but why aren’t we afraid during the day? As you read through this book Skip wants you to gain more than just average faith. He wants you to conquer eight traits to help you go above the status Quo

These are some of the topics are to left what they are for is on the right.

1 Conquer Your Inner Space — Self Control

2 Risk or No Reward — Faith

3 Go Low —Humility

4 Find a Hill Worth Dying On — Integrity

5 Rise Above — Dependence

6 Get on Your Knees and Fight — Courage

7 Look Out and Look Up — Hope

8 Reach Up, In, and Out —Balance

Sounds like what the bible say though out right?

Have you ever thought why you worry at night and can’t sleep? Did you know  people dreams an average of 5 times a night? I don’t know about you but I don’t remember dreaming most of them I do remember when I have a bad dream it wakes me up. Could it be because God wasn’t talking to me? God talks to you through dreams sometimes but as a Christian you have read the stories of people that had dreams they couldn’t understand them so they called for people to help them understand what the dream meant.

There are scriptures through this book so you can go to your bible and read them. What about Integrity? There are questions like this: If you had to pick one word to tell your character what word would that be?

I recommend this book there is a lot of information to help you change and go above the normal if you’d like to.

I received this book free from Worthy Publishing Company for an honest review I was not require to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 9781617956089

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