Shauna Niequist

This Bible for women I really like it because it has Devotionals, reflect, prayers and myths that really are a great addition for any woman to read after reading a scripture.

Shauna said “she learned to love the Bible by watching the women just a head of her love their bibles”. She means the older women loving their bibles and reading them. I love the fact that she says your relationship with God is just that a “relationship” where you get to know him (I feel she means just like you do your friends) how else do you know what your friends like, or what they care about what they want to do with their lives or where they want to go? Like talking to him sharing time together with the one that you love and loves you.

The extra Devotional, Myths and prayers in this bible is really great to read and see something different in scripture you have seen before. Tisha sounds just like me there’s days I just feel sorry for myself and why do we feel sorry for ourselves when we have a God that loves us more than anything in this world. We are so blessed, yet we are so selfish too. As you’ll find out or already know self control is not a result if our own efforts; it is a fruit of the Spirit. You may have a favorite scripture or book of the Bible I love Psalm 23 but I found out Proverbs is really good to and thought I’d start like the lady that heads our War Room Class and read chapter 1:1 the first day of the month and read one a day and meditate on it then the next day go to the next one and do the same until the end of the month and then go back over it.

I recommend this bible highly for a woman that likes to read Devotions and prayers too also the myths that you might have heard grab this Bible and see a new way to learn about the God you love.

I received this beautiful Bible free for an honest review from Book look bloggers. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 978-0-310-40946-5

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