How Could I Ask For More

How Could I Ask For More

Stories of Blessings, Battles, & Beauty


Cindy Morgan

Cindy was born in Eastern Tennessee and Northern Carolina Mountains in a holler nicked named Snake Holler because it was infested with snakes. Cindy talks of spiritual battles without Jesus strength to help her get through them. When she went to Church they taught hellfire and brimstone like most church in those days. You find it hard not to have it stay with you and keep coming into play with trying to live the way God truly wanted you to know him, which is his love for you not a God that punishes you for doing wrong but loves you regardless of our mistakes.

She gives stories of different parts of her life like her brother Sam and her two sisters she talks about her grandmother and the family, Hollis is a two part story. She shows pictures of her family, and explains them. This book is her life as she grew up and her church life and then her life with her husband and children. Her story of her Dad is a sad one. She says she wished she’d spent more time with him (like most us). She tells about her battles with her demons because of the way her Church taught her about God.

Cindy decided after she had her daughter going on tours was out of the question because it took her away from her longer then she wanted and she wasn’t going to have a nanny tagging along to take care of her daughter.  So she stared to write songs instead.  Cindy was glad she made that choice like some of her friends they were stay at home moms Cindy also knew that some of her friends felt a stay at home mom didn’t contribute anything to society.

This is a good story one that women can relate to in different area of their lives. It’s the bad, the good and the why me.

I received this book free from Worthy for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

4 Stars

ISBN 9781617956553

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