52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol By Bob Welch

52 Little Lessons


A Christmas Carol

By Bob Welch

The cover of this beautiful book A Christmas Carol just drew me like a magnet to medal. I loved the men with their top hats and the hats the women wore look very comfortable, I loved the way they dressed. The beautiful forgotten buildings of years gone by and the snow that makes Christmas a sparkly, crisp time of year. Christmas is my favorite time of year even when I don’t have money. It just is to me all about Christ.

Ebenezer Scrooge had a lovely girlfriend but then he went after wealth and he lost the most important things in his life. He treated people badly. His priorities misplaced, he never cared about others needs or hurts. He found himself being hated, alone, and his life callous.

As Bob embarks on the journey of Ebenezer’s visits with the Christmas Ghost of past, present, and future brings us to look at our own life and the lives of others. When Mr. Welch talks about the Ghost he says “it’s not about the Ghost per se, but about their lessons, the truths they illuminate.” If you remember Scrooge says “he promises the Ghost of Christmas yet to come that he will not shut out the lessons the Spirits have taught him.”  Mr. Welch wants us to learn the lessons from the story of A Christmas Carol.

Mr. Welch makes us think of being humble, of caring for others hurts and pains, and what really should matter. Lesson 47 in this book was by far my favorite and one that everyone should read. Remember our story is rooted in the past!!

I recommend this beautiful book highly. It has wonderful lessons that each one of could use in our daily lives.

I received this book free from Book look Bloggers for and honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 9781400206742

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