The Green Beauty Guide By: Julie Gabriel

The Green Beauty Guide


Julie Gabriel

The cover is very interesting to say the least. You can almost smell the candle that is burning nice an bright, you can almost smell the oil in the glass vase and the powder in the glass bowl the pink crystal in the other glass bowl wonder if it would have a smell all its own?

Julie tells you the effects of synthetic products have on you; we’ve all heard that though. She tells you about organic make up, moistures and of course for your hair there is organic produce too. Then she goes on to tell you how to spot organic frauds and gimmicks that try to suck you in.

We’ve all heard of toxic in your body that makes you sick, in this book you will find out how to detox as well. There are a lot of organic products you’ll need to use before and after you detox. There are recipes for you to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between to eat, and drink while doing these steps to detoxifying your body.

Julie says there’s a lot of products say use this to get the perfect skin but she says there’s no such thing as one prefect skin type. I feel better now that I know that, how about you? Our climate impacts our skin; our Thyroid impacts our skin so do a lot of other health issues. She gives a lot of good information on this.

Julie has a shopping list for Green Beauty some of what you might already have on hand. She has recipes for facials, make-up remover, Shampoos, scrubs for your face, and other things. Julie says it is not expensive well I checked some of the essential oils in the health store today and for 1 oz $32.50 and other one $22.99 and $15.99 there is a few cheaper but not much cheaper, so if you use 3-4 oils that’s a lot of money not to mention the other ingredients that the recipes calls for. May not be a lot to her but I am on a budget so that is very pricey to me. Maybe you get more out of that little 1 oz bottle then I realize but I am not sure and how long does it stay good? I may try once I get some money to spend like that.

The book is very good and very helpful and if you have the money they products she gives you recipes for will benefit your life. I recommend it if you want to better your life style.

I was going to give this book a 4 Stars but I realized it was because of the oils being expensive and that has nothing to do with her book so I give her—-

5 Stars

ISBN 978-0-7573-0747-8

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