1. A. Carson General Editor

I picked up the box that my Bible was delivered in and it was HEAVY, opened up the box and thought WOW this is so thick. It has got to be almost 3” thick.  I don’t believe you could read this bible in a year.

The words are in black except for the accounts for headings numbers, chapters etc. they are in green, and the green color is easy on the eyes to read. All words in text are black including Jesus — I wish they would have put Jesus words in red that way they would have stood out.

Some of the Key themes of Prophets and Prophets are in burnt orange and some of the authors are in a burnt orange and some are in green color. In the Introduction it tell about each book of the Bible, like author, place of writing and date, which is nice I think, except for Psalm (which is my favorite I love Psalm 23). The study notes are at the bottom of the pages in a pastel green color and words are in black. The study notes are a great addition to help explain words, like a certain tree and its location, people of the Bible and why they were important enough to be mentioned. The study notes flow nicely from page to page, some of them continue on to following page. THE OUTLINE is in black letters on a mint colored background. Not all introductions have the same topics but the information is relevant to that pacific topic.

There are a lot of beautiful pictures with descriptions underneath. For example nice colored maps of Paul’s First Missionary Journey with dates and lines showing the route he took. Concordance is in the back, Index to maps.  There’s cross reference system.

I love this bible and it’s a great study Bible for anyone and it definitely is a wonderful Bible for a person that wants to dig deeper into the scriptures!! I wouldn’t want to have to carry it very far. I recommend it highly.

I received this beautiful Bible free from booklookbloggers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 978-0-310-43833-5

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