From belly Fat to Belly Flat



C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D.


Genie James

I believe this book is for women because he treats women. Medical researchers prove that after age 30 you gain 1-2 LBS. a year great right? Of course it’s around the tummy area. They say it has to do with ‘estrogen epidemic.”

Hey you’ll learn in this book that top 10 belly blasting foods. You’ll even learn that some of the Vitamins that sabotage hormone balance. It just seems like every time you turn around there is something that stands in our way of looking young and having a nice trim body— life just isn’t easy is it?

This book also has a month of hormone—balancing meals planned out for you to try. It also says in here give up caffeine and alcohol. But if you can’t then limit it to one cup a day of coffee (Maybe in the morning is best). Drink more water but we all know that right a lot of water a day. Mr. C.W. Randolph, Jr. talks about Milk thistle to try and drink, it protects the liver and will improve its function– But remember this very important be careful with milk thistle because it can produce allergic reactions.

This book is really informative and a must have if you’d like to see what you can do for a flat tummy ladies. I recommend this book highly. I loved it had a lot of good information for me.

I received this book free from Health Communications, Inc for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.


5 Stars

ISBN 13-978-0-7573-0678-5

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