The New Yoga for Healthy Aging By: Suza Francina


Living Longer, Living Stronger, and Loving Every Day


Suza Francina

I really thought I’d read my Yoga books and do a review and read it again at a later date like I do my Devotional Books. I was very wrong I found out the information and the pictures got me to thinking about my health and what I needed to do to improve my health to  be a healthier me. So as I read some of the chapters and seen the pictures or read how to do the yoga I started to try them out as I read the chapter. Granted some are very advanced or to me they are after looking at the pictures and seeing the positions these people are in, no way could I get into those positions right now because I haven’t exercised in a very long time so I need to get my muscles and body back in shape before going and trying some of the yoga positions I saw and read about.

Yoga is for your mind, spirit, body and soul to be connected and work as one. Yoga is for people with limited mobility or range of motion. This book shows you how to improve your balance and helps   reduce the risk of falling, you can use props to help you and then when you get better for example at standing on one foot then you can stop using the props. A lot of the props you have right at home already. Yoga also helps you improve your memory, helps your spine and joints so you can move better. It may take awhile so don’t be impatient just keep going and sooner or later you will see some improvement in how you feel, walk and stand even breathe. Yoga also helps you relax more.

I am 67 years old and I am stiff so doing yoga really helps. I have done my hand exercises and find I can do them sitting in the car waiting on a red light but it’s not as relaxing as doing them at home where you can close your eyes and let your mind and body relax. This book goes along with the other book I have on Yoga what a great book to help you get your mind, body, soul, and spirit working together. I found a yoga class about 20 minutes from my house but for me it is very expensive because I am on S/S but for you that have jobs it could very well be the best thing you invested in. wish I’d done this while I worked.

I recommend this book highly. It really is great way to get your body, mind, spirit and soul in the best of health. I truly enjoy doing the yoga in my spare bed room it is fun and relaxing.


I received this beautiful book free from Health Communications, Inc for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 13-978-0-7573-0532-0

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