God Speaks By Craig A Evans, PHD.


What He Says What He Means


Craig A. Evans, PHD.

The purpose that Craig wrote this book is to invite you to read the Bible with new eyes, seeing things you have not seen before.

Remember Moses? He had the Ten Commandments on a tablet from God, guess that meant they were very important right? So the Law of Moses was a hug step forward in protecting the poor and the weak. The Ten Commandments can be found on page 108-112 with the best explanations I ever read (a must read) I really like this part and market it in my book so I can find it fast to read over and over.

King Abad and Queen Jezebel and the King David and Bathsheba shows how God used prophets to let them know they did wrong in the eyes of The Lord. As you’ll see in these stories the roll the Prophets plays for God in Israel.  Fascinating reminders of wanting someone else’s property or wife and what they’ll do to get what they want even murder. Same as what they do today if the people don’t follow the law God gave us. These two Kings are really a must read if you don’t know the story behind each King and their women.

Chapter 7 Where Did Jesus Come From and What Did He teach. This is very interesting to know about Jesus and how he taught. The teaching of the Bible and its Commandments the warning should not be ignored there are dire consequences. What were Jesus claims? This chapter I found to be so very interesting that I am going to sit back down and read it again.

I recommend this book highly a must read for anyone to know Jesus and his life. I love this book. I received this book free from Worthy Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions are entirely my own and no one else’s.


5 Stars

ISBN 9781617954818

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