The New Yoga For People Over 50


A comprehensive guide for Midlife & Older Beginners


Suza Francina

Suza said “it’s been over 20 years since she wrote her first edition of yoga over 50”. She also says “her students who began yoga after age 60 are the most dedicated and have the best attendance” Suza said “it’s because they told her they don’t dare miss and they don’t dare quit”!

My question is I am 67 years old how do you start out what is the first step to get ready to do the yoga the best way and for your health?

The chapter that caught my eyes was chapter 8 Wow Yoga Techniques to Prevent or Overcome “ARTHRITS” yep that chapter was for me for sure. It talks about Respect Pain, Balance Work and Rest, Breath Properly, Maintain Muscle Strength and Range of Motion there’s a lot she has for arthritis really looks helpful. Some of the pictures shown I am sure are advanced students and teachers because they are in positions way advanced unless you kept exercising all your life and kept your muscles in tone.  I’ll be honest I stopped exercising when I moved to FL. It surprises me how tired I am compared to when I exercised.  To tell you the truth I read this chapter and now I am doing yoga for my arthritis and in time I pray I won’t have joint pain and I’ll have more energy, along with my arthritis yoga I will add other yoga to it as get better at yoga. Yoga is also great for your health, mind, spirit and soul.

Also in this beautiful book it has a student program for arthritis for hips, knees and toes and hands this has great yoga for helping all parts of your body. There is a chapter on props to help you with yoga until you can do it without the props or keep using the props your choice. This is really a wonderful book. I have so many pages marked to go to when I want to add to the yoga I am already doing.

I recommend this book highly. This beautifully written book has all kinds of Yoga for people over 50. If you want better health and learn to breathe right and of course if you have arthritis like I do this book is for you!! I really love doing the yoga and funny I find I can do my hand yoga anywhere and you can do your breathing anywhere and maybe I’ll learn some of the other yoga for my arthritis can be done anywhere too. I do my Yoga in chapter 8 every day one day I may have no pain in my body because of doing yoga every day.

I received this book free from Health Communications, Inc for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.


5 Stars

ISBN 13-978-1-55874-453-0

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