On the Road With The Oak Ridge Boys By Joseph S. Bonsall



Joseph S Bonsall

Let me first say I went to our public pool to read, and just be able to relax but I found out with getting in the pool to cool off to read DON”T put the book on your wet swim suit it soaks all the water from the suit onto the pages of the book, yep I had to let me book dry before continuing to read it.

On Oct 1973 Joseph was going to join The Oak Ridge boys in Cincinnati – He actually had sung with members of The Oak Ridge Boys in different groups like in Keystones. Richard Sterban toured with Elvis –now that’s exciting!!!!

Joseph said The Oak Ridge Boys were a gospel group that was Joseph absolute favorite group. I love The Oak Ridge Boys but haven’t heard them in years and I am old so I can say that also I really never heard their gospel songs that I can remember because again I haven’t heard them in years. But they no doubt were a great group. I’d love to hear them again. Then Joseph said they left the gospel group and went to country and that is what I remember them singing. Joseph also said they were put down for leaving gospel singing. But I feel they could have done both and gone far because of how good they are, what do you think?

Joe Bonsall tells of his day of being a hood (which didn’t last long thank goodness) because he had friends in Church that just didn’t give up on him coming to church with them. In one night if he’d said no I am not going to church with you and gone to the streets he’d been lost, but he didn’t he went to church with his friends and in that night listened to gospel music and was hooked and came to God, WOW something I know God knew all along that Joseph would come to him on that night, how God must have smiled and said hey I took one of my children away from you Devil he’s mine not yours!! Isn’t God awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this book and the story of one of the best groups I have listened to in my childhood. I am so glad Joseph told the story and took us on a trip with The Oak Ridge Boys and on the bus and told us how it all started for him and you must read the chapter on their friends.

I enjoyed this book so very much I though hum just another story of a group that is the same as the rest but it wasn’t he told of how he almost didn’t become the man he is today, but again God knew ahead of time that he would gain another soul from the Devil. This is a story that will grab you from page one and keep you on this trip with The Oak Ridge Boys until the end of the book.

I received this beautiful book free from Harvest House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

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