God Wants to Bless You By: Che’ Ahn


How to Experience the Unconditional Goodness of God


Che’ Ahn

First let me say that a few days ago my Mentor and friend went home to be with Jesus.  As I read this book within the pages I could hear my friend and Mentor Rick saying the same things to me with a smile on his face, as he loved Jesus with all his heart. So I am dedicating this review to my Mentor Rick for loving me enough to take the time to help me grow in Jesus and I pray that people sees Jesus in me because of what you taught me about the Lord. As Rick would say give the Glory to God. May you wait for us at the pearly gates of Heaven Rick.

As you go through this book you’ll find this lady’s husband left her-she had a son-she worked 2 jobs to make ends but she never stopped believing in her son and the plans she felt God had for him. Even though she could not read she made her son read and write two book reports a week about what he had read. She pretended to read the book report he wrote about and always said to him how proud of him she was. You’ll have to get the book to see who this special man is, how he grew up and what he is doing today as a result of his Mother’s faith in God and in her son and the encouragement she gave him no matter what. She faithfully believed in God and the big plans for her son and she kept on believing in those plans. Her faith made a difference in how he grew up compared to some of the other fatherless children or even ones with Father’s. God Bless that mother!!

Psalm 67 presents more than a prayer for blessings and salvation. This is a Reformers Prayer God wants more than anything to Heal us.

God’s bigger than anything; don’t you think he wants you to be successful? God does not want you to sin. God wants you to be blessed so you’ll pass on the blessings to others. God is a mighty God with love for us and wants us to be with him forever and ever.

May you forever find the Blessings God is giving to you!!!

I recommend this book highly. It’s a great read. See God wants to bless you in all things. I received this book from Chosen for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 978-8007-9773-7

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