THE BROAD FORK By: Hugh Acheson



Hugh Acheson

The cover is fascinating with the leaves, fruit and Vegetables on the front of the cover. Yummy array of foods

Coming to FL. at one of the restaurants  I tried this purplish dish not knowing what it tasted like but it was delicious and so I got the eggplant made different ways at different restaurants,   it became my favorite vegetable so when I saw them on  one of the pages of this book I knew I had to try the recipes (even though my Hubby hates them)  yummy there was several recipes but it said there were several different kinds of eggplant  wow I had no idea there were different verities of eggplant so now I’ll have to check them out.

Mussels are not even on my list so I skipped those recipes no one in my family likes those things. It sounds like a good recipe if you are into those kinds of foods.

I never heard of Chanterelles but I love the fact he gives some idea on them and how to clean and store. There’s a few things I never grew up knowing on the line of foods to cook with so my parents were meat and potato and mushrooms (because we could go to my aunt Mae and hunt them in her woods) kind of people and my Aunt Dee was Italian so she mostly fixed Italian foods when I went to her home. It’s nice to have new kinds of cook books and people that try different cooking and writes cook books for us.

You will find in the content of this beautiful cook book Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. It’s great the best time to buy your favorite fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of foods for your parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving feast or summer fun lands of the years. This is really a wonderful book for us ones that never cooked a lot do to working 2 jobs and never had time to learn. There are So many different kinds of recipes to experiment with and to enjoy at different times of the seasons.

Come along on a fun filled trip to the garden, woods to find mushrooms (they are fun to hunt in the woods) good time to spend with kids and family members. You could find yourself at an apple orchard picking apples of different kinds in different seasons, maybe blueberries at a blueberry farm or strawberries the scurry home to find a yummy recipe to fix the treasures you just went out to pick or bought or maybe one of your favorite recipes to use your basket of your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hope you enjoy taking an adventure through this beautiful book to find a new or favorite recipe and the pictures are wonderful they makes you hungry just to look at them .

I recommend this cook book highly.  I received this wonderful cook book free from bloggingforbooks for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have express are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 stars     ISBN 978-0-385-34502-6

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