What Honesty and Pain Taught Us about FAITH, FAMILY and FORGIVENESS


Jep & Jessica Robertson

The Robertson family has had their ups and downs like all of us. Their honesty about their lives and telling it to the world let’s me feel they just want us to know we are not alone struggling and having our lives spiraling out of control. They show us how they dealt with all the struggles they went through and step by step they had to find for themselves the way to handle it. I feel they want us to know God is the center of our lives and with God all can work out for the better. They also let us know the rich and famous are not without their trials.

Their families struggle together and they stand by each other but   Mr. “Pa” Robertson seems to be very strong in what he believes in, like being polite and obeying the rules the teachers put forth. He lays it out and they obey and the family will help them or they can leave the home and deal with it themselves.

Jess talks of wanting to be like a model and not eating fats or stuff loaded in butter (actually it isn’t healthy we all have found that out). Jess talks of youth groups a place you should feel safe. She tells of being a teenage wife and failing at that, the hurts and pain and feeling no one is there to help her deal with this problem she feels stuck in a world that she has no control over.  She goes through this pain and feels she isn’t worthy of any man.

Jep talks about his father and how he talks about God and is so excited when he tells people of God that Jep knows there is some kind of power God has but then something happens in Jep’s life and he doesn’t seem to really want God with in a million miles of him. So he turns to booze and drugs and running around with the wrong guys. Until one day something happens and it has him running back home. Family is always a good place to get the help you need especially when you have a Christian family that loves you more than anything in the world and they know the word of God and how to help you with the words of God.

Jep saw how any times his father helped people he never even knew and helped them work through their problems and come out a lot better person. Jessica and Jep don’t just have a small bump in the road to get their lives back together they have a hell to travel through before they realize God has to be the main core of their lives before they can live the way God wants them to. It doesn’t mean they won’t run into other problems along the way but they know who to turn to for all the help they need.

This book shows all the ups and downs Jep and Jessica has gone through and with the grace of God and their families that are Godly people standing by them they are making it one day at a time.

This book is really a must read I recommend it highly especially if you feel you are all alone going through problems. Maybe you’ll even be able to meet the Robertson and get their help.

I received this book free from the booklookbloggers for and honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 978-0-7180-3148-0

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