Behind The Counselor’s Door


Kevin Kuczynski

This counselor had heard it all from sex to abuse, to home wrecked to death, and being unwanted by their parents to being used by people they think of as friends; and being bullied this is the story of his students at a High School. Some start out Sad to finally ending up happy to taking their life for different reason. Then there is Drugs and alcohol that take one’s life in one swift minute.

This book is about real life teenagers, Real Drama and real problems.  So as you travel the journey of different children into the problems they have to the Counselors room to whatever destination they end up with,  have a Kleenex you’re going to need them.

As a Counselor I can’t even imagine how he sleeps and deals with drama of young lives before him as he listens and tries to help them cope with their problems.

Each student deals with their problems differently, each comes out a better person or they keep their problems only to get worse through the years.  He has kept in touch with a few of the students after high school. Some sad to say he’ll never see again because they have taken their live or the drugs have.

If you have a child in school you may want to get this book just to read maybe you have nothing to worry about or maybe just maybe you see that you have problem and this book can help lead you to get help for your child before it’s too late.  I recommend it highly.

Really a great read. I enjoyed it even though my children have been out of school for years.

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!

I received this beautiful book free from HCI for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 13-978-0-7573-1841-2

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