A To Z Dictionary of Dreams By: Ian Wallace

A To Z Dictionary of Dreams


Ian Wallace

At the beginning of this book Ian ask questions like Why Do We Dream? What Is A Dream? What Do Dreams Actually Mean?  Makes sense right? Then he does dream connection process action like being chased. Next it’s being chased by a wolf (animal of some kind) –then he adds being chased by a wolf through the woods or maybe being chased by a crazy woman.

Ian then goes into Premonitions Dreams; maybe you win the lottery or recurring dreams.  I have one that I dream a lot. I dream the same dream several times. So I wanted this book to see why I am dreaming and what it may mean. It came back different then what I thought, so now wondering if there may be a different reason for the dream. For example this is my dream with what I thought it meant and then what Ian says it means.  My dream is a rattlesnake with its mouth open ready to bite me, my father covers me with his body as if to take the bit himself and protect me. As I have always considered my Father my protector and he was!!!!! Ian says Father – aspect of my character that embodies the loving power and authority that encourages me to assertively develop my true potential.  Ian has it like this rattlesnake—is instinctive ability to transform how I appear to others rather than becoming to concern about apparent threats to me. I’ll have to study that because I dream it many times.

The dictionary is in the back of the book actually it is most of the book There’s only 50 pages for things on what Do My Dreams actually and the connection process so really there is a lot to read in the dictionary for all kinds of dreams.

This book is very interesting to be honest and one I’ll enjoy going to when I dream. It will be interesting to see what my dreams mean. I went through the dictionary but of course didn’t read every definition he had that would take me a very long time. I did how ever read enough of this book and see enough of the dictionary to know it has a lot of information in it to be used, it is one awesome book. I recommend it highly if you want to find out what your dreams may mean.

I received this book from free from HCI for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars

ISBN 13-978-0-7573-1835-1

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