Hearts Made Whole By: Jody Hedlund



Jody Hedlund

The cover has a beautiful young lady standing in a field with flowers, grass, and a light house in the back ground. She has a faraway look in her eyes and a sad look on her face tells me she is worried about something and that something is weighing heavy on her mind.

This story take place in 1865 in Michigan around the time the Civil War ended-a time of pain, broken hearts and torn families that fought against each other because of what they believed in to be right. As they tried to find peace and closure to their loved ones that fought on opposite sides, trying to gather up the pieces of their broken lives and make a new start. Still the battle raged on inside their heads, a battle harder to fight then the one they just left behind.

As the story unfolds you’ll see how a war tore apart people and how God worked in their lives to bring them back together. The hardships the women went through and that they were not allowed to have jobs that were men’s work even though they were just as capable of doing as the men were. When the men were off to war the women held the home together, worked in the fields and did the work the men use to do before leaving for the war, even if they were soul provider.

Ryan Chambers was one of the young men in the war. Ryan was badly hurt now the war was over and he needed a job, the job that Caroline Taylor had been doing with her father for a long time before a boating accident took his life.  Caroline knew the job well keeping the light house running so boats could come into the harbor safe.  Even though she knew the job well and did as good a job as any man could do a war Veteran was coming home and needed a job. Caroline had to face the fact she had to turn the light house over to a man that knew nothing about being a keeper of the light house and for the safety of the boats coming into the harbor.

Caroline is feisty and beautiful, Ryan is a wounded soldier he’s incapable of running the light house, Caroline Taylor is very capable will they let go of their past and forge ahead to keep the light house safe for the boats to come into Harbor?

Will some shady character come between all hopes of the light house? As you embark on the journey you will run across all kinds of people. Hang on you never know who will turn up and what they have planned.

This is a very good book the second book of the Beacon Of Hope books. I recommend it highly. A good read on its own or with the first.

I received this book free from Bethany House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 stars

ISBN 978-0-7642-1238-3

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