Duck Commander Devotional for Kids By: Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard



Korie Roberts and Chrys Howard

The cover is so adorable I love it. I think the children will look at the pictures on the cover and that will start their interest in this beautiful book. The animals are so cute and the children playing on the dock must be dressed like their parents are.

Inside this cute book devotions for the children are led the children closer to God in ways that a child can understand. The words are powerful to teach them how to act like Godly children. There are prayers for the children to learn how to pray to God, also to help the children is a Duck Commander Action after each Devotions.

The stories in this book are the life stories of the Duck Commander family to help the children learn about life situations; of course you may have stories of your own that would be great to tell the children along with a payer and Action.

At the beginning of the book there’s something for the parents to read first so they understand the book and how to use it to help their children.  There are cute pictures throughout the book to keep the children interested but of course it could also have the children ask you questions that will have you bring up a story of your own or the story in the bible.

It’s an adorable devotional for kids to have and read. To tell the truth I enjoyed reading it myself, it was very interesting.  I recommend this book highly for children who are starting out going to church and learning about God. I think you’ll enjoy this along with your children. I don’t feel you’ll go wrong buying this book for your young child, I think it will help them grow close to God and learn lessons from this Devotional.

I received this book free from Booklook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.


5 Stars

ISBN 978-0-7180-2249-5

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