5/24/2015 Posted
                                            HOW TO ENJOY READING YOUR BIBLE
                                                                  Keith Ferrin
Like always I started with the cover of this book. This one didn’t tell me a story nor was it an exciting cover to look at BUT the BIBLE picture caught my eye. More then that the Title excited me beyond words. What I found inside this small 148 page book was really exciting.
This is a small powerful book if I have ever seen one and I read a lot. This book will stay with my Bible and I will continually reread it to help my mind stay refreshed to reading and thinking of  the bible a whole new way. I was so excited to get this book and start reading that I had it read in a few days and I started to go back through I almost for got my review for this wonderful book. Sorry 🙂
You may not feel as I do but I always felt the Bible was really a hard read and hard to understand and names I couldn’t pronounce and cities I never knew where they where also in my day they taught more negative then positive like they do now which really is a better way to learn about Jesus. The new Bibles also are easier to read but those hard names are still there aren’t they?
After each chapter there’s a study guide, scriptures to soak in to remember, also there is a prayer, which is nice to always pray and talk to God isn’t it!
Repetition is the precursor to enjoying detail study. Isn’t that how we learn the important parts of the Bible. Isn’t the whole Bible important though after all God wrote it for us to follow and know him and to learn and become disciples for him and bring more people to God’s Kingdom right?
This book shows you a new way to learn about God think of this : Picture One; You, God, and a cup of coffee= Sounds like my kind of way to get to know someone have coffee with them and talk to them right? Isn’t that how we came to know some people that became friends.  Picture Two: Playing with God really that does sound like fun doesn’t it? What would it be like to hang out with God and just learn from him in a  friendship way. No not after you get to Heaven “NOW” Isn’t that what you really are doing when we pray or read our Bible only think of him sitting there, yes sitting there right next to you.
The most important part of this book stuck in my mind= Each time you sit down to hang out with God in His word, get a picture of having coffee ( get a cup of coffee or tea if you like) with Him and talking to Him and Listening to Him, or picture God as a Daddy who wants to play with you, as your mind set shifts from information to relationship. God wants to have a relationship with each and everyone of us. Now that is awesome.
Now go on your road trip with God and have a real relationship with your Heavenly Father right here on earth.
I received this wonderful book free from Bethany House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-7642-1323-6
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