4/25/2015 Posted
                                                 YOU CAN HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD
                                                   How God Speaks in Listening Prayer
                                                                Steven Sampson
The title caught my eyes because I have had talks with my Pastor asking him if he ever heard Gods voice. He said “Yes, but usually when he hears from God it’s more vision then his voice”.  So when I saw this book I prayed I’d could be honored to be able to review it, I was. I felt very blessed with that honor.
The first chapter is “Learning to know His voice”. Steve says you might reason you may not hear God in all ten ways but you’ll be able to hear God in at least one or two ways. As Steve says that is to limited. If you apply Steve’s simple principles, you will hear Him in many ways.
This book is to help you change your life and be able to hear your God. The HOLY SPIRIT is precious and priceless. How wonderful and up lifting hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father because He so wants to talk to each and everyone of us.
If you apply Steve’s simple principles and you learn to hear from God look how enriched your life will become. But it will take doing this often and keep this book so you can refresh your memory to something you just might have forgotten so one day it will just be like riding that favorite bike you so enjoyed riding.
Christians that learn to hear God’s voice know His voice from all others. The Evil One will try and stop you from hearing and listening for the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book is really short but packed full of useful information that is very important to your growth with THE HOLY SPIRIT. Believe me as you read it the Devil will try to stop you from gaining important information that is vital for your growth in God. I know the Evil One has tried to stop me and at some points he did stop me then I found out push his thoughts from my brain and read on!!!!!!!!!!
I recommend this book highly if you truly are interested in getting to know how to hear in different ways the “voice of GOD”. Keep it by your bed side and maybe just read one of the ways you can hear God.
I received this beautiful book free from Chosen for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions that I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-8007-9614-3
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