Devotions From the Garden

                                                                                                 4/23/2015 Posted

Devotions from the Garden

Finding Peace and Rest from Your Hurried Life
I love the cover of this book it is so peaceful that it draws you right in. You can smell the flowers in the garden as you pass by them, see the trees sway to the breeze as it calls to you to get cooled off and can you feel the grass under your bare feet, it restores your soul, hear the swing moving as it says come sit on me, relax and talk to God for awhile so as you sit your face moves toward the sun the warmth feels like Gods hands embracing your face, can you feel them? Can you hear the laughter of the children and the adults talking? I always said sometimes the cover tells a story all it’s own if you just listen to it.  That is what this beautiful cover is doing to me. Just stop before you open the pages to dig into great devotionals and feel the presents of God by you.
The devotions are great and you can pick one out that you feel fits the day it doesn’t have to go in order. The one that caught my eye was the Plant That Struggles– it so fits into our lives as we struggle. Why when one plant that is sickly looking and dying do you take more care to get it back to health then just letting it go. because the others are healthy  and don’t need your care, but the sickly one does and you care. You are full of joy when it starts to have buds and leaves. Just like Jesus knows that far greater joy of having that one lost soul in a group of his followers return to him.
This book has all kind of great devotions, but I bet the author never thought that when they put this beautiful book together that they also made it possible for ways of you finding ideas for your own garden. There’s beautiful pictures of fruit trees, fruits, flowers of all kinds and `a pallet garden. I just marveled over the pictures they were so welcoming, so colorful. You could also see if there’s any ideas a pattern for a garden that might fit your landscape or even a idea on a birdbath that might strike your fancy. This book even tells you a few plants you can plant in your garden along side your fruits, vegetables cutting flowers  to keep pest like mosquitoes and nematodes from destroying the more vulnerable plants in the garden. Something I didn’t know. So this but is also helpful with other things along with having time with God. She said these plants are like repellers, God sure thought of everything didn’t He? 
I recommend this book highly. This Devotional is really awesome thanks Thomas Nelson.  I received this book from Thomas Nelson free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN: 978-0-7180-3050-6
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