Beyond Orange County

                                                                                                             4/17/2015 Posted
                                                             Beyond Orange County
                                                 A housewives guide to Faith & Happiness
                                                                   lydia McLaughlin
I really like this book because after each chapter there is Discussion Guide to help you think about your own decisions in your life. What you decide to do is it what God would want you to do or are you just going to do what you want to do even if it is against all that God would want. I know there are so many times I never called upon God and prayed for his directions and did it my way, wrong answer. I found out later how wrong I was and that my life it a forever low.
She tells of cute outfits and admiration from fans will fade, but the people who share part of their lives with her and listen to her favorite verses, those things made her journey worthwhile but were the reason she believed God put her on the journey in the first place.
Lydia said ” she read book of Nebemiah and it was as if God tugged at her heart through what she was reading”.
If you are like me many of the books of the Bible you just never read for what ever reason, maybe it just didn’t seem like an important book of the Bible, so it goes unread. So by reading this book it lead me to read the Book of Nebemiah.. I was very interesting and made me realize all books of the Bible are very important after all God had it written with use in mind didn’t He?
She has a lot of scriptures in this book that you may want to read so have your bible by your side  and handy.
This really is a great book maybe even to let your teenager read also, it may help her make better decisions in her life without making the mistakes we made. I recommend it highly.
I received this wonderful book free for an honest review from Worthy. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. the opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN 9781617954238
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