1/16/2015 POSTED

Sergio Cariello

WOW is what comes to my mind. This Bible may be for the children but I tell you I really enjoyed it so very much that I will grab it off my desk again and read it. I have a lot of books I go back to that keeps my mind fresh and remember some things. I really enjoyed the pictures he drew just as much as the Bible it’s self. I also enjoyed the story behind Mr. Cariello. You will too.

I love the cover but I really wanted to read it because I get lost a lot of times in my other Bibles. This Bible brought a fresh look at God and our world and what happened in it, all the way through to Revelations. I love, love this Bible, yes ok I know it’s for kids but hey I am a big kid and at my age I can get by with being a big kid. I just love the way it’s written and I feel it will get them little ones interested in our Lord. Hats off to Sergio Cariello.

When I received this Bible in the mail I was like a kid that got a brand new bike. You will to be too, I am sure of it. I think your kids will be so interested you may not have to tell them to be quite they may ask for this Bible time and time again to look at.

The Bible is hard to read and understand I know I think that is why my interest faded, not my interest in God just trying to figure out what the Bible was trying to tell me with words I could hardly read so how could I understand it?

This Bible made me look at God and the people in it a whole new way. It kept my interest and the pictures were unique. I also think learning the Bible is very important and this Bible is a good starter for the young ones or even great for us older folks. The pictures are so unique that they will bring the people to life for the little ones as you read it to them.

Remember how children look at Superman, Thor, Caption America, Well isn’t God a HERO too in his own right?? Maybe if the kids see this Bible God will hit #1 and kick the fairy tale heroes out of #1 spot. Other heroes in the Bibles are Samson, Esther, and what about Moses? Just think of all the heroes in the Bible, bet you were like me and never thought of them as Heroes well you will after you read this Bible and see the beautiful pictures that goes along with the stories in the Bible.This Bible is very fascinating.

Get ready for a wonderful new the Bible for the young and the young at heart. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful pictures. I recommend it highly!! So go grab it and get started.


I really had a hard time putting it down, read it to my dogs and they seem to like it too 🙂 I really had it done and my rough draft wrote long before I got a chance to type it out on the computer because I had stitches put in my left hand and leg do to my dogs fighting and me being stupid don’t get in the middle of your dog find a blow horn. So it took me awhile to write my review I had to do it one handed.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-7814-4499-6

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