WOW I really like this bible it has plenty of room to take notes if you are in a small study group, your Church taking notes the Pastor talks about or just something you’d like to put in the margins on your own thoughts of the scripture.

In the back of this beautiful Bible you will find pages with miracles of God, Concordance and more to help you find what you maybe looking for in the Bible. The words of Christ is in red so they stand out which is something I miss in some of the other Bibles I have. With each new Bible I get I find new thing that stand out and help me.

The lettering is great for these old eyes of mine really a nice size to be able to read. As with most new Bibles that come out the wording is different. I got the NASB version of the Note-Taker but they have the versions for the ones that like KJV or NKJV too, which makes it really nice.

I went to the theater to watch the Exodus and felt it didn’t go by what the Bible said so I looked in my new Note-Taker’s Bible and read it and was very pleased that my old eyes didn’t get tire as quickly as they usually do when reading. I loved the wording in this Bible too.

I really like this new Note-Taker’s Bible because I had space to write in the margins and didn’t have to cramp my words in the space, plenty of space on bottom of page too. It does suggest in the back of this Bible to use ball point pen or pencil not a felt pen it will bleed through the pages. I find using a paper mate erasable pen is the best although I am not sure they still sell them. I just have some from when I bought them.

I recommend it highly for the Note-Taker in the family. I love it. I pray my reviews help you find something you’d like to buy and read.


I received this beautiful bible free from Booklook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
I also put in my reviews the ISBN # for the books I read to help my readers of my reviews find the books they like easier and quicker.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-310-43377-4

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