Sunday Suppers By: Karen Mordechai

10/28/2014 posted

Karen Mordechai

Oh My winter Brunch can you imagine Tea and Ginger-Cured Sea Bass — doesn’t that sound good you say- will the tea leaves and ginger provide a very subtle but unique smokiness. Doesn’t that sound good? Now picture living in a cabin and cooking this as your looking out at the Mountains and listening to a stream near by.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken– yum yum now that sounds like down home cooking doesn’t it?? Ok what about Beets and Pickled Eggs– I haven’t had those since I was a kid living at home, this made my memory go back to home in Ohio and I can just smell these beets Pickled eggs while my Dad yep I did say Dad or Mom fix them what great memories this had me think of. How about you find something in here that took you back years to the good ole days? Or make memories of your own for your kids to have later in their lives to go back and think of their times at home and the good foods you cooked for them.

There’s menu through out this beautiful book that you can use for your meals if they sound good to you if not mix and match the menus through out this book. You may come up with a meal that will be come very special to you and your family as maybe a tradition for a special Holiday or just one of your special days. Have fun with trying different things.

Here’s some of the thing in here for example: Camping, day trips, A Spring time or An Autumn Dinner and a lot more that you can find to enjoy.

This book is loaded with great ideas- a memory trip for you if you find the right recipe and a trip down memory lane. Have fun looking and trying these recipes.
It is a must have for the family of food lovers. I recommend it highly. After all I have a chef in the family that loves new recipes to try. This maybe just the book!!!!!


I received this book free from Blogging for Books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-385-34526-2

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