10/17/2014 posted

The NKJV Study Bible


This is a wonderful hard cover study Bible. It is an easy Bible to read and I love the format it is in. This Bible has wonderful information that explains, has definitions and concordance to help you study the Bible as you’d like to. There’s so many tools in this Study Bible that is there to help everyone that reads this Bible and studies it. Are you looking for a specific subject then this Bible has it for you.

You can find charts, maps in full beautiful colors, you can find Prophecies of our Messiah, scripture and verses which it is great to have. This Bible is easy with all the tools in color blocks, tools make learning easier, the format makes the Bible easy to read and be comfortable with.

At the beginning of each book of the Bible it tells about the book and gives dates of Authors andculture notes. There’s out lines to each Book of the Bible, like there are Pagan God’s of the Bible Times very interesting. You have to read Ester it is very good. My favorite is still Psalms 23 I find comfort in the Psalms.

It’s in a green colored and other colors in the box that tells of that book of the bible very soft and relaxing to read with pictures of the land and sky for example. I like the time frame that are included. Very interesting to read and understand. Foot notes to help you.

It just is an all around beautiful Bible I recommend it highly.

I received this Beautiful hard covered Bible free from Thomas Nelson for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions that I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-5291-1438-9

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