Spiritual Warfae Jesus Way

Spiritual Warfare Jesus’ Way
Larry Richards

We are not the first to fight Spiritual war with demons we cannot see— Jesus did too only he knew how to fight them and we have to learn what are armor of God is and use it, which is the word of God. That’s why learning Scripture is so important.

In this beautiful book Mr Richards writes for us we will learn to fight those demons that are so intent on getting us away from God.

Some people don’t believe in the Spiritual world. so it will be hard for them to fight something they don’t believe in. Believe me they are everywhere waiting to get us when we are at our weakest point. I have been fighting them for years but I was not fighting the right way so they hung around and they keep trying.

Satan has followers (fallen angels),. Satan knows the Bible well, remember that so you realize you too need to know the Bible– this book will help you with some of what is in the Bible you need to know. Learn to become a Spiritual Warrior Jesus Way!!!!

If you remember Job God took or should I say God let the devil take everything from Job and still Job did not leave God. Job shows me the short comings I have.

there is a lot of questions in here that will make you think, most of them I have asked but never heard from God. As God gives us free well then the choices are ours to choose to follow God or the Devil. Evil seems you go through less pain (for now) and good you are tested to see if you truly trust God. I have fallen short so many times. Thank God that he is there with his arms open to take us back, We need to be on our guard ALL the time, learn Jesus way.

This book send you to scriptures in your Bible to read and learn. The Full Armor of God is the way to fight the Evil One!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!!

I received this book free from chosen for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely mine and no one else’s,

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-8007-9585-6

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