7/22/2014 posted

Dadi Janki

the cover is unique but there are more pictures in this beautiful book and are they ever pretty they will captivate your heart. The pictures between pages 82-83 are so pretty you will have to take a moment and just take in the beauty they give you. I had to sit and just take a beep breath and my mind went on a journey as I looked at the picture of the “world” the other one is Meditation, who ever did these pictures they are beautiful. you will be amazed!!!

Chapter 2 she talks of God’s personality, her words hit my heart like a thunder bolt, she says “God is a very extraordinary, very loving totally unique personality. She also says no one can know and follow to the extent that God does.

Dadi says Love of a clean heart is unconditional. I love what she says about love this is neat you’ll want to remember this— “Real Love is Like A Small Diamond: It Is Not Flashy and It Is Without A Signal Flaw– A Real Diamond is Often Quite Small, But It Is Flawless.” Words to think about!!!!!!!!

This book is unique in itself.

It talks of tension, forget and forgive, relationships with others, the world, meditation. A lot to help you with different areas of your life.

I recommend this beautiful book highly. Grab it and get a comfortable chair, something to drink and learn the God you might not have known before.


I received this beautiful book free from HCI for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars
ISBN 13:978-1-55874-672-5

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