Life Changing Bible Verses Every Woman Should Know

7/25/2014 Posted

Rebecca Lutzer

I love the cover, the soft colors give a calming effect. As I look at the cover this is what it means to me,
The coffee cup: means an awaking mind
The Bible: laid out already open to meet God, means you are ready to greet the day with God’s right by your side.
The flower vase: means to me: you love God’s creations of the peace of his garden
The window: means to me you can look out at all of God’s creation right out side and have a peaceful and calm effect over come anything that may try to take you away from his time with you.

This book caught my eye–as our church did the 40 Days with Rick Warren and we had to learn Bible verses, unfortunately my memory isn’t what it should be and what was stored seems to get push out as something new comes in.

On page 41 Discipline of God caught my eye– Psalm 119:67,71 Revelation 3:19 are great and there is a lot more scriptures through the chapters on each subject you are reading Great read!!! At the end of each chapter there’s: Taking God’s word to Heart questions for you to think on.

This is a great book to learn and remember scriptures of the Bible. I recommend this book highly. So grab a coffee, go by the window or outside and enjoy God’s creation and feel his peace as you spend time with him.

I received this beautiful book free from Harvest House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions that I express are entirely my own and no on else’s.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-7369-5293-4

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